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My co-workers threw a shower for Alexis last month. Surprised the heck out of her. Especially since my mother flew up to personally deliver a baby quilt she had made. The morning before the shower, my mother and I snuck out with the kids and went Christmas shopping. I had in mind to pick up a couple of gifts for the kids — things that I remembered were fun when I was a kid. My mother had the same idea (we don’t just look the same…), and so when she showed up at the cash register right after me, I had to point out that I had already purchased UNO and Sorry!. These games are simple and relatively popular. They’re good games to play with the kids and probably a better introduction to board games than Monopoly (which is the first game I played with them) because they don’t require so much addition, calculation, and strategy. My four-year-old can have fun with with the almost-eight-year-old. Basil’s favorite game remains Chess, of course, and I hope that this means well be able to move on more complex (not to mention esoteric) games like these.

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  1. Games!

    I’ve been meaning to try out the game Puerto Rico for some time after hearing it won strategy game of the year a couple of years ago. Alas, it needs three people to play, which is hard to come by, let alone the 90-150 minutes required to play it.

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