Loosing my (Emacs) religion

I’m pretty stubborn about some pretty silly things (e.g. operating systems) and, if I’m not really careful, that can lead to problems. For example, I wanted to keep track of some websites and that means using some sort of syndication reader for RSS or Atom feeds. Since I was living in an Emacs world, I looked at what was available within Emacs. Even when that turned out to be less than sastisfactory, I kept at it because of my inertia and stubborn silliness. “I don’t wanna use an RSS reader that other people have heard of!” But then, Emacs slowly started receding from front-and-center in my life — something that I should’ve allowed long ago. It’s an awesome tool for editting text and source code and weblog entries, but just because you can use it for reading weblogs and email, it doesn’t mean you should. ‘Cause I’ll let you in on a little secret here: Emacs doesn’t have multi-threading support. That means that if you want to perform some long-running task (like checking your email or updating the weblog list), you can’t use it to edit a file. What this means is that if you’re using Emacs for everything, then when you check your email, work stops. Yes, you can set up some kludges, but they’re cumbersome. So, I’ve decided to apply my philosophy about religion to my use of Emacs. I’m an Orthodox because it has been around for a couple of thousand years, it’s the second-largest Christian sect, and, I figure, it has a lot of the kinks worked out as a result. So, if not very many people are using Emacs’ nnrss to read RSS feeds, maybe that’s an indication that I should use something else. If nothing else, then the other readers are more featureful and — this is big — I won’t have to write the code to support new features. So, today I started using bloglines.com. Sure enough, it works a lot smoother than Emacs as a reader and I’ve already subscribed to more feeds than I had in nnrss. First, I quite using Gnus to read my email, then I quit using my own weblogging software, now I’m using a “mainstream” RSS reader… Do you think I start using notepad soon?

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