Gender-Specific Hooey

evidently thinks that our kids should get non-gender-specific toys. Too late! They’ve already been inculcated with the gender-specific myth. Must be in the genes… As an example, when we were wrapping up two dolls, one for each of our daughters, Alexis asked if I thought we should give a doll to Basil — as if he would be jelous of his sister’s gifts! “I don’t think so. I mean, he’s gonna play with their Barbie sleepover inflatable matresses and the canopy — they’re gonna pretend its a castle or they’re in a jungle or something — but I haven’t seen that he has any great desire to play with their dolls. And they don’t seem to want to play with his shooting toys.” Of course, I was right. You would think she would realize this. She spends all day with them, after all.

2 thoughts on “Gender-Specific Hooey”

  1. I really do like Sweet William for a boy’s name, but like you said, there will be ill-mannered people out there who can’t stand originality.

    It would be nice to have someone I can call Sweet…oh well…

  2. Would $60/yr be too much? We could set it up so that Paypal charged you and your friends $5/month each. If you were able to get some friends to join in, I’d be very willing to help you guys out quite a bit. (“Quite a bit” but I do need my sleep 😉 )

    If that is reasonable, then I can set it up for you.

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