On the Election

Bush won. While I did have difficulty rooting for Kerry (till he said we should get back to the point where terrorists are a nuisance), I’m absolutly disgusted by Bush’s policies, his (and his advisor’s) naivete about war, and his simpering, syncophantic suppporters.

Bush shows no regret or concern for Iraqi casualties. I’m not sure he even realizes they exist. He panders to his pro-life supporters while the number of abortions performed during Bush’s presidency have actually gone up (compared with the rates at the end of Clinton’s term, which were at a 24 year low). He claims to be born again, but doesn’t even go to church.

I can only conclude, from the raft of anti-gay marriage initiatives that passed, that voters decided that “defense of marriage” was far, far more important than the war.

Innocent Iraqi’s may be dying, but, thank God, we kept the homosexuals from getting married.

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