IM and Politics

Instant Messaging provides the right amount of reintermediation for discussing politics with close kin. I first discovered this when I watched the second presidential debate while IMing my half-brother in Indiana. A former paratrooper, he is no fan of Kerry.

Of course, since I have a distinct set of wacky ideas not necessarily common amongst any particular political movement, I have tha ability to provoke exasperated responses from almost anyone no matter what their political leanings. This exasperation is exactly why it is traditionally considered impolite to discuss politics and religion in casual conversation. But its also what makes it fun!

But, as I said, Instant Messaging provides just the right amount of intermediation. When you feel like shouting, you have to type out your thoughts. Shouting doesn’t do much good and ALL CAPS just looks silly. Now, when I exasperate someone, I can ask them to explain what they’re thinking — and then we can figure out why they’re wrong.

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