The first step …

Is admitting that you have a problem.

For years, I’ve been reading my email with Gnus. Even though it is slow, I’ve stuck with it because of habit and convenience — almost everything I do is in Emacs, Gnus is in Emacs, it felt natural.

Now, though, it has started taking too long to manage my email. Deleting or moving spam out of the way takes way too long. Part of this is my problem — I’ve let my inbox get too big. But, I’ve been thinking of switching to Balsa or Thunderbird for some time.

Since I’ve found that SpamAssassin’s Baysean engine is pretty good, especially when I use it alongside SA’s other heuristics, the ability to move email from my inbox to my spambox is becoming more important.

Still, the straw that finally got me to move is this: I upgraded the IMAP server and Gnus couldn’t cope. Evidently Courier-IMAP added some ACL goodness and the extra information on an IMAP “EXAMINE” command is confusing Gnus.

I’m gonna miss Gnus. Its hackability, including tracking down crazy bugs like the one I’ve run into, makes it fun. This time, though, its time to switch for now.

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