Raising Industrious Children

My four-year-old daughter, Violet, woke us up this morning. “I’m your servent. Can I get you some coffee?” That was my cue to follow her downstairs and take over the coffee-making.

Sure enough, she came back a few minutes later (because I missed my cue) and asked her mother how she wanted her coffee — one lump or two? “Did you already make it?” her mother asked.

“No, there was some already made. It’s cold.” That really woke me up. There was no way we were going to let our precocious daughter serve us old, left-over, coffee.

Still, their eagerness to help does come in handy. I have a shirt that I’ve been putting off mending for a while — the button was about to fall off. Till last week when Basil was looking for something to sew (his sister had been mending a quilt and he was feeling left out). I gave him the shirt, pointed to the button, and, fifteen minutes later, Basil had done an exceptional job of fixing the button.

Problem is, now he wants to help paint. Hmmm… Gotta find a spot that we can hide.

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