Free Gmail Account with Free iPod!

What a spammy headline!

The last time I offered Gmail Invites, I just gave them away. It was a little overwhelming since I had so many takers. This time, I’m making it more difficult. Perhaps even a little tasteless.

This time, anyone who wants to get an invite will have to click here, give your old email address (which, I’m sure, they’ll spam to death) and complete one offer and show up in my queue as a completed referal. This’ll get me a free iPod and put you in line for one as well. If you are leary about this, you might want to read up on it — especially how to do it without a credit card.

But remember that whatever email address you give them is gonna be spammed. You’ll be able to get off their list, but you’ll probably get an initial deluge of spam.

(Interesting story about getting off of spam lists. I’ve heard it said many times that you should never use the unsubscribe links in spam. A friend of mine had just lost an employee and was looking over the guys mailbox on a daily basis, but soon gave up — the ex-employee’s email address was getting upwards of 500 emails a day. Since my dayjob was knowing about spam and how to stop it, I asked him to forward me the email. After a couple of weeks, I had managed to unsubscribe from most of the email that the address was getting. So use the unsubscribe links. Most of them work.)

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