International culture among the Amish

Since moving to small town PA, we’ve been deprived of some of the cultural experiences we were privy to in New Orleans. True, there are lots of Amish here, but they don’t have the great food that the Cajun culture in Louisiana and the Creole cultures in New Orleans created.

To make up for what the area lacks in food, we’ve begun renting Bollywood flicks from the Indian grocery down the street. First Kal Ho Naa Ho, then Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, now Hum Tum. Since every Bollywood flick is a musical, my kids are now singing the English parts of the songs around the house. And a lot of it is catchy. The films also provide insight into Indian Culture: arranged marriages, the caste system, etc. (And, perhaps, some idea what happened at Rohit’s wedding beyond a few photos.)

To further the cultural experience, we’ve been going to the local Greek Orthodox church. Remember “Greek School” from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well, the church has Greek School, something we’re considering sending our children to.

So, we’ve got culture. Our children will be some strange Vietnamese-American-Greek-Cajun-Indian-Amish mix.

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