Echos of Clark

This old report on Clark’s acceptance of the Abenaki Nation’s endorsement rings a bell. During the campaign, Jeff Hauser sat right behind me and one of his major accomplishments was this endorsement.

A Harvard graduate, Jeff was especially easy to tease — he took himself very seriously and seemed oblivious to many of our jibes. He was turning 30 and, as his way of recognising the onset of age, he lamented “I can’t believe I’m in such a junior position at my age!”

Beyond that, we teased him specifically about the Abenaki endorsement since they aren’t even a “real” tribe (as in “recognised by the U.S. govement”).

Never-the-less, I identified with Hauser to some degree. I’m sure that my own credulity lets others have fun at my expense sometimes and this same credulousness is what made Jeff so adorable.

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