New Old Home

We tore up the carpets in our new house. It was pretty nasty. A widow had been living there for several years with a cat. A cat that evidently didn’t have a litterbox. This sort of carpet does not smell good.

After taking up the carpet, we discovered a beautifully preserved chestnut staircase (to go with all the trim) and an oak parkay floor. The selling agent visited after we pulled up the carpet. You could see from the look on her face that she wished the seller had pulled up the carpet. Her commission would’ve been bigger.

There is a lot to discover with this home. We found, for instance, that the original owner started the first electric company in the town (after running a generator in the barn for a while); the hundred-year history of the town claims that he later moved to Florida and invented the electric rabbit used in dog races.

The previous owner was the audio tech for the Fulton and had tapes of all the shows done there. One of the singers, a close friend of the family, came by last night and asked if the tapes were still around, but we couldn’t find them.

All in all, I think we’ve got a gem of a house on our hands. It just needs some polishing.

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