Pennsylvania has hills!

New Orleans is flat. Flat as a pancake. There are a few mounds of dirt here and there. A ramp up and down. But mostly it’s flat. I was spoiled by this. Riding to work on my bicycle, I’d only have two inclines and one was optional: The ramp to the Superdome’s second level.

My ride to work in PA is about 1/6th the distance that my ride was in New Orleans, but, since I live on top of a hill, it is all down hill. Until the evening. Than I get a brief CV workout as I climb back up the hill to home.

I should mention that (this part of) Pennsylvania is almost built for road biking. All major roads have wide shoulders where slow traffic can ride. On roads without wide shoulders, people are patient with the slower traffic. It makes it a natural area in which to cycle.

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