Work and Children

I showed Alexis Ted Leung’s DaddyCon, to which her only response was “You should write about your children more. And I suppose she’s right.

In fact, I’ve not been writing much here (as compared with some more prolific points past) because I haven’t had much to write about. I’ve been working on adding updates to OpenWeblog (and hope to have coded available soon that others will find useful) looking for work. Of course, I have a lot more free time right now and I spend a lot of that time with my kids.

Unfortunately, they are too aware that this is not the normal set of circumstances. Basil, for instance, asks me several times a week “Have you got a job yet, Daddy?” I try to point out that as soon as I find work, I’m not going to have as much time to spend with him, but, ever the practical one, that doesn’t phase him.

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