Hello, Bloglines users!

Ok, so I don’t obsessively read my Apache logs, but today I noticed that when the Bloglines ‘bot comes by it leaves this tidbit in the User-Agent field:

  Bloglines/2.0 (http://www.bloglines.com; 4 subscribers)  

Yay! Four people cool enough to use Bloglines are subscribed to my feed!

Now you’ve got me wondering who you are and wondering who else reads my weblog. (Oooh! KooQoo is evidently similar to Bloglines but doesn’t give me the same egoboo that Bloglines does. All I see from them is:

  KooQoo: news-bot: 0.7.3  

And, let’s not forget all those nnrss users!

I’ve gotta implement comments and such. Then, I’ll start posting provocative stuff just to lure you guys into commenting!

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