I’m 31 now. My birthday was this past Sunday. Which isn’t signifigant in itself.

Except that I visited the town where I went to high school. The school that I attended is a small, semi-rural public school just north of the Arkansas-Louisiana border. (I was in a class of 33 people.) Since I was there Saturday night and Sunday morning, I went to church at my parents church — the same one we went to while I was in school there.

Driving into town is surreal in itself. On entering the town I saw a billboard with a picture of a classmate. She has her own insurance business now and so there she is, smiling as we ride into town. Without meaning to, I drove by her place of business. It was immediately recognisable — he name was plastered on the building in large block print.

Sunday, I went to church. More surrealism. The guy giving the sermon was someone who graduated just a year or two ahead of me. Boy, was he full of energy. And, I learned that if I voted for someone who supported abortion rights or homosexual marriage, I’ve sinned. Geez, do I sin if I vote for someone who wrecklessly lies and endangers innocent lives?

Then there was the old classmate I met when picking up my daughter from Sunday School. She recognised me first, which is kinda surprising since I didn’t have any facial hair in high school.

The only thing that could’ve made it stranger would have been running into my old high school buddy and one-time college roomate. After college, he moved back to work at his fathers funeral home.

He wasn’t in town, though. His father’s funeral home has changed hands. I hear its because he got snookered by some Nigerian Scammers.

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