The Beard Meme

Former Red-Hatter dcm has published pictures that he took of our co-workers and myself. You’ll notice a number of un-shaven men. This isn’t their normal state.

A few weekends ago, just before Fred left us, we were eating at Vino’s when the beard meme started. “Rally Beards”, we called them. Our own superstitious effort to boost Clark’s chances at getting the Democratic nomination.

Now, we’ve had exactly one caucus and one primary and the focus has shifted from Dean as the front-runner to virtual nominee Kerry. Shaving looks like it is in many of these guys future. The number of people who’ve actually voted is approximately equal to the number of people at the Super Bowl in Houston, but somehow the match has already been decided and everyone assumes that Kerry and Bush will face off this November (with Bush winning, of course).

Perhaps if more Democrats and the media thought there was a real chance that Bush wouldn’t be re-elected, then things wouldn’t feel as if they were already decided.

Of course, I’m influenced by what I read in the paper, hear on the radio, or see on the Internet. And because of that same influence, a few weeks ago, I thought the race was between Dean and Clark. There is still plenty of time for the published wisdom to be proven wrong — and I hope that it is.

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