Little House in the Burbs

“They will appreciate their butter, dammit!” — Alexis while shaking the cream.

Alexis and the kids love reading the Laura Ingalls-Wilder stories. They eat, sleep and breath it. At least the eating part is literal. Alexis found out how to make butter, so she’s decided to give it a try with some heavy cream. The kids shook it, sliding the jar back and forth between each other. Then they shook it some more. Still no butter.

We just read that website where it talks about “souring the cream” and using the right temperature. They’d been using fresh, chilled cream.

I remember that my mother made great butter to go with her home-made bread when we lived in Indiana. It was great. But she did it in about five minutes using a blender.

We don’t have a blender, so it looks like we’re gonna be here a while.

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