How to make a living in IT after outsourcing

If it wasn’t clear enough when McDermott executives talked about moving their IT center to Dubai then it has become clear while working with a bunch of Democrats (a fair number of whom are protectionists), listening to the occasional bit about IT jobs leaving for India on CNN (which is always on at work, but usually muted), and reading articles in Wired. I’m going to have to get creative over the next couple of years in order to continue to make a living.

I’ve not yet decided just what I’ll be doing, but I’m sure that it’ll involve something more creative than just baby-sitting other people’s infrastructure.

2 thoughts on “How to make a living in IT after outsourcing”

  1. parent talk

    my favorite kind of book.
    It is always interesting watching the baby talk between those who read a book and those who don’t. Benefits both ways. Books can provide ideas that have yet to cross our path and that will benefit the children. Or add to the confusion with poorly thought through techniques.

  2. informative

    Clicked the link to Occam’s Razor and learned something I had never found put into words. It intrigued me to read that in 2005 a person showed the idea mathematically. This intrigued me. Thanks for the links and info.

    I liked the last couple paragraphs. Reminds me of something I read, “Most people are struggling too much with their own problems to bother to find ways to make life miserable for others.” Something like that. Sort of “no I wasn’t thinking of how I could make problems for you, I was too busy trying to solve my own problems.”

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