What I’ve been doing

Here’s a bit of what I wrote decribing this job to someone else:

FWIW, this isn’t exactly a steady job (lasts, at the most, 1 year).

What it is, is a mad dash for the Democratic nomination and, ultimately, the presidency.

Right now, I’m working on installing SpamAssassin, Amavis, ClamAV, OpenLDAP, various configurations of Apache, various authentications off of LDAP, diagnosing bulk-mailing problems, writing Perl scripts to automate this or that, etc.

You name it, I do it. Same for anyone else here.

For what its worth, this is almost completely Open Source Software running the joint. We might have a couple of proprietary apps here and there, but we’re using apps like Thunderbird, Firebird, OpenOffice, etc. on the desktop as much as possible.

This is a great change from the job I had in New Orleans where I was supposed to be closing down the UNIX side of the house, things were quiet, and they didn’t ask me to implement anything new. If you have skills and know how to apply them in new and interesting ways — if you can come up with good solutions using an OSS solution — we need you.

I encourage you to come up one weekend and check us out.

Low pay and long hours, but exciting as all get out.

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