Clark’s TechCorps

So Wired wrote an article about Clark TechCorps. It turns out that Dave Winer hates the idea.

We get a clue of what exactly he’s thinking with this comment: My issue isn’t with open source, it’s with the campaigns reinventing software that already works, and being two-faced about supporting American software developers.

Clearly he doesn’t understand exactly what we’re doing here. Some of is how we’ve adapted existing Open Source Software, like bugzilla or RT (yes, we really use both).

Another is heavier modifications to software like Scoop to adapt it to our purposes.

Finally, there is software that we are building from scratch. It isn’t because we’ve not tried the existing commercial software out there — we have. Where it works, we use it. Where it doesn’t, we have to create our own.

Finally, there’s the issue of “getting software for free”. We have lawyers, accountants, publicists volunteering, and, a lot of the time, all they do is stuff envelopes. We’re trying to use the people’s skills better. The Internet is obviously playing a role in this election, so we can use any programmers, system administrators, or web designers who volunteer. It makes no sense to keep anything put together to ourselves, so we may as well open-source it.

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