From the Belly of the Beast

I’ve become a political mercenary. This week, I took a temporary job at the Clark Campaign in Little Rock and I’ve barely had time to breath since. I had no idea that people put so much energy into getting a person elected president of the U.S.

Of course, given the power that the president wields, I should’ve guessed. And, Cameron Barrett intimated that he was working 16 hour days here. Still, it is crazy. Not that I mind the craziness. This is the kind of craziness I like. For a little while, at least.

I call myself a “political mercenary” because I’m not really a Democrat or a dyed-in-the-wool Clark supporter. Heck, I haven’t voted since I was 18. I’m here because it was close to where I was (working on a contract in southern Arkansas) and it sounded exciting. Raised in a fairly Republican family, I find some of the Democratic philosophy that this campaign inevitably embraces disconcerting.

Still, because politics is naturally “us against them” and, by virtue of being here, I’m an “us”, I’ll be passing out Clark schwag to my family and friends. Who knows? I may even vote this time around if it means getting past Super Tuesday.

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