Moving on

Well, I’ve started the job search in earnest now. Last week, just before I left for Iowa for a friend’s wedding, I found that my last day at my current employer is going to be September 30th. (So, on the off-chance that you have a job for me, check out my resume.)

I’ve known this was coming for a while, but faced with an actual deadline made it more real. Right now, we’re readying the house for sale (finishing the floors, laying tile, painting walls) and shortly we’ll put it on the market. Hopefully we can close on the house by the time that I have to move on.

After we sell, I hope to take my family to upstate New York to stay in my grandfather’s cabin for a month. They’ve been reading entirely too much of the Little House on the Prarie books and want to give it a try. The cabin will do it, too. It’s 25 miles to the nearest grocery store and there is no high-speed Internet link. The last time I was up there, we had to travel a gravel road to reach the five acres on which the cabin sat.

So, while I have just under six weeks to find work, I hope that they’ll be productive and fruitful.

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