The bike ride

Yesterday, I bought a bike rack and detachable child-seat for my bike. The bike rack is so I can ride to work without wearing a backpack and getting all sweaty. The child seat is for, of course, my children.

As soon as I brought it home, the kids turned off the movie they had rented and came out to take turns riding on the bike. I took them in turns (even my six year old weighs less than the rating for the seat) and we rode around the neighborhood and up and down Carrollton Avenue.

Today we were going to meet at the park and bike and have a picnic after I got off of work. Other circumstances intervened and I ended up taking only Basil on an eight-mile ride home from work. We rode down Camp street most of the way. I would normally just take the more trafficed Magazine, but I wanted to be extra cautious since I had Basil in tow.

And what a street! We rode through the beautiful Garden District. The houses along Camp are much nicer, the trees denser than along the more commercial Magazine. And we had a little supper at a restaurant and then rode home.

In hind-sight, taking Basil on such a long, bumpy ride on his first extended time out might not have been such a wise decision. He threw up shortly after he went to bed. Despite that, he had fun and will want to do it again. And his sisters want to try it, too!

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