Quick Thoughts

  • Norman Walsh, from whence come many good SGML and XML-type things, now has a weblog. And a .name domain. Includes great quotes in almost every entry.

  • On Winterspeak, Zimran “Chicago school economics” Ahmed addresses some of the issues I ranted about in my little spiel on why I hate economics. I don’t think he reads my weblog, but it is rather serndipitous that he put his post up shortly after I did mine.

  • The brou-ha-ha over SCO taking IBM to court for “stealing” their intellectual property and then threatening to sue Linus Torvalds ended humoursly — Novell put them in their place by pointing out that they don’t even own what they were suing over. The icing on the cake: Bruce Perens published information pointing to evidence in SCO’s own financial statements that SCO just collects the royalties for Novell.

  • More evidence of foreign governments moving away from Microsoft dependence.

  • I really need to add some sort of Wiki formatting into weblogger.el

  • Bill Gates on spam: Please pass laws mandating ADV: headers. Gee. Why didn’t I think of that?

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