This week I got a couple of toys. The first was a HalfKeyboard. My right hand is showing symptoms of over-use. Tingling in my fingertips when I type, dull pain in my forearm, etc. So I got a HalfKeyboard to force me to use my left hand more. Since I’m not very adept with my left hand, some of the chord patterns that the keyboard requires are difficult and (right now) require some thought. But, overall, an good keyboard. The Control key isn’t where I’d like it to be (it should be swapped with the Return key so that it sits on the left), but I may be able to remap it. Other than that, if I force myself to use the keyboard (which I need to do), I can type at about 1/3 my already slow speed. Hopefully that’ll speed up.

The other toy I got this week is a digital camera. Since I have to go downtown to work tomorrow, I plan to take a trip around the Quarter and get some pictures. Perhaps I’ll have more stunning visual effects on this weblog from now on.

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