Quick Review of Bind9/LDAP

This past weekend, I set up Bind9 with the LDAP backend on the primary DNS server (binaries compliments of Turbo Fredriksson). It would have been a drop-in replacement, except that it doesn’t seem to support wildcards — something I use too many of.

So, while it almost works, I had to take it out. I could add it back this weekend for a few domains that don’t nave many names in them, but for other domains I would actually have to enumerate the names used and populate the database. Which is something I should do anyway.

Still, for the configuration I use, it looks quite handy. And managing DNS via LDAP allows you to use a lot of off-the-shelf tools to manage LDAP rather than managing text files. Plus, if you have names that are “internal” and “external” on your network (as I do at work), then you can easily add an attribute to your schema to let your DNS server know whether or not to serve up a name.

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