Profound Effects

When I was 14, I raised money from the people in my church and went to work in Haiti at an orphanage for the summer. Of course, I had to write thank-you notes to everyone who gave me money. This was a pretty irksome task and as I was in a hurry one day I wrote on one of the cards I had “I’ve been having a good time. I am having a good time. I will have a good time.” That particular card went to my father’s co-worker.

When I got back home, my dad told me that the man had been very touched by the positive note of the card. Evidently he was going through a rough time and the positive outlook of the words I wrote really meant something to him, even though the spirit in which I wrote them was less than wholesome.

Somehow, that incident has stuck with me for the past sixteen years. Even the most insignifigant things we do can have a much larger than expected result on those we interact with. Too often I forget this and I end up hurting other people.

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