Columbia Crash

So the Columbia crashed and the News Media paused the war drums for a few days to focus on the shuttle, NASA, and space exploration. I can’t say I cared too much. Seven people died a spectacular death. But I didn’t know them and wasn’t even aware that they were up there with some grade-school science experiments.

All the media coverage was just distracting. I usually enjoy the “A” section of the Sunday Times-Picayunne because they put some good human-interest stories in from the wires. But not this past Sunday. How much can you read about the shuttle? Apparently some people can read quite a bit.

I wouldn’t have said anything, except that I came across Jeneane Sessum’s comments which included the following gem:

I think blogland responded much like mainstream media […] leading and controlling our grieving, and the decision of whether we grieve at all or not.

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