Give Me Spam or give me a greeting card

I need spam to test my email filters. Since I know that greeting card sites are notorious for selling your email address, I typee “greeting card” into Google and took off, signing up my test accounts, sending email between them and signing up for any free sites that advertise on those sites (But skipping the site that charges a “one-time small fee of $19.99” just so I can give them my opinion.)

In the process, I came across The Greeting Card Association‘s Cards for Kids program — a program aimed at getting children hooked on greeting cards:

Help us create a new generation of greeting card customers!

The concept is simple; introduce children to the joys of sending and receiving cards, and reinforce the concept at varying times during their childhood. The result will be adults who purchase cards and then share with their children the joys of card sending.

That’s it — no more birthday cards for my kids!

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