Writing an RFC

You know you want to. So, here is information on how to write an RFC for publication.

  • From RFC2223: Instructions for RFC Authors:
    • RFCs can be written by anyone,
    • but typically come from the IETF.
    • the ultimate authority for what is published in the RFC series is the RFC editor.
    • RFCs are traditionally submitted as ASCII text and the format of the primary RFC is ASCII.
    • If diagrams are needed, then a second copy of the RFC in PostScript is traditionally used, but the PostScript document must match the ASCII version of the document.
    • If an RFC is to be a standard, then it must be approved by the IESG.
    • For more information on the particulars of the format, see the RFC.
  • Also see RFC2629: Writing I-Ds and RFCs using XML for information on the suggested DTD and detailed instructions on writing RFCs using XML.

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