Security starts inside

Remember all those stories a few weeks ago about the credit card fraudsters that had stolen 30,000 people’s credit information? Turns out that the actual number is closer to 40,000 and, in fact,

[Teledata] employed Phillip Cummings as a help-desk worker. Cummings is charged as a principal operator in the New York fraud ring for selling Teledata client access codes to two other men, who then used the codes to obtain customer credit records.


Federal prosecutors said Cummings’ employee password allowed him into the Teledata system for almost two years after he stopped working there. Cummings also managed to copy and install Teledata’s proprietary software on his own laptop.

Ok… Time for me to implement catagories (XFML). I want to have a way to keep track of what I’ve posted on a subject. This post should be categorized with stories on the importance of internal security (something beyond just a firewall).

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