My Merry Christmas

Next year, I need to do more to involve myself in the holidays. I get to wrapped up in everything else I do that I forget to do nice things like bake cookies and buy gifts. (Alexis told me that I didn’t need to buy her a gift — she had already bought one for me to give to her.) As it was, I’m enjoying Christmas (no, its not over yet — eleven more days to go, don’t you know!).

Last night we got together with the neighbors across the street. They’re great people who just started renting one of the shotgun doubles. Their almost-four-year-old loves to come over and play with our almost-four-year-old. They made sushi and we all had fun.

We shared our respective “spiritual journeys” — ours to Eastern Orthodoxy and theirs to Buddhism. This was especially interesting in light of recent conversations I’ve had with others. He was the “seeker” and she was areligious till she came down with a terminal illness. A 30-year-old mother Faced with death, she started looking for answers.

Then, today, the kids opened presents, we visited Ginger’s godparents, and, finally, my brothers-in-law came with their girlfriends and a couple of cousins for Christmas dinner.

This is the first time they’ve celebrated Christmas with us, so it was wonderful to sit with them, talk and goof off.

So even though I was moping around before, I did end up having a good time. Still, I need to put more effort into this celebration thing so it can be even more fun.

Oh, and my gift to the AxKit community was to enable caching for virtual hosts.

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