All Alone in the Big City

Warning: After I wrote this, I read back through it and laughed at myself for being so pitiful. I’m overly melancholy because of the holidays, so give me some slack here.

Since David McCusker is getting a divorce, he’s beginning to deal with loneliness and, self-centered person that I am, I think of my own loneliness. I’m still happily married and I realize a lot of loneliness. I simply don’t have any close male friends. This is because I’m a father of three children, I’m sure, but there it is.

I’m especially worried because I look at my father, recently retired, and see that he apparently has no close friends. He’s said as much. Yet, my mother has at least one friend that she meets with regularly. I fear that I’m destined for the same sort of solitary maleness. I suppose I could frequent bars or something (probably “or something” since bars don’t have that much appeal), but then I feel as if I’m neglecting my family.

I could join some sort of book club or users group and hang out with people there once a month or once a week.

Still, in writing this, I have to admit that I do see and talk to other men socially at church, for example. But it feels like that is inadequate somehow. Silly, I know, but I wish for the days when Jeff was around and we’d go riding or talk or … anything.

I’m not alone, I just don’t have any close guy friends.

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