Why worry about Iraq?

I’m a bit confused. Why are we worried about Iraq? What is Sadaam doing now that he wasn’t doing two years ago? Why the sudden urge to attack them? For example, when Rafe says “Regardless of what you think we ought to do about the Iraq problem (and it is a huge problem)…”, what exactly does he base this on?

I swear, this is one of those times when I feel like I’m sitting outside the collective mind. I see how it acts before the decision was made and how it acts afterwards, but there is no explanation of the decision.

I’m not even talking about going to war. When did Iraq become “an issue” let alone an important one? Oh sure, I know G. W. Bush made it an issue, but the thing could have been easily dismissed as an idea without merit. Instead, we’ve got some sort of weird alternate universe where Iraq suddenly matters even though they’ve done nothing different.

The other thing that is interesting about this is how G.W.B. kept Iraq an “issue”. First, Bush claimed Iraq was in cahoots with Al Queada…. But the there wasn’t a link. Then Bush claimed they refused to allow weapons inspectors and they had weapons of mass destruction. So Iraq agreed to unprecedented inspections. Still, there is the understanding that G.W.B. is going to order an attack on Iraq. He’s just trying to find the right justification no matter how weak it ultimatly is.

And really, we’ve been bombing iraq for the past 10 years. The only thing that will change, it appears, is the intensity of the war.

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