Technology is not the solution

Here is a great quote from the maker of the Segway:

Your technology isn’t going to do what you think it will. Answering machines were supposed to make sure we can talk to everyone, but now we use them to screen calls. Cell phones were supposed to connect us to everyone, but instead they separate us from the people in the same room. We won’t solve the digital divide with more technology.

Which reminds me: As I was walking the other day, I saw a couple in a car, both on the phone. It looked sad.

I should mention that the Segway impresses me not at all. As someone who cycles to work everyday, I’ve got to say that I do not see what advantage the Segway has over a bike. As its own inventor points out, technology doesn’t solve problems.

So, while the Segway is a much-hyped, “cool” gadget, I’ve got to go with the people at

If we could only reinvent the bicycle tomorrow and get the “IT” PR team to rep it, we’d have no more worries.

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