No Peace

I can’t stand it.

Mankind’s inhumanity is overwhelming. And its endemic. “We” are just as guilty of this as “They” are. Injustice is not wrong when it is something that only other people do. It is wrong when we do it.

This is why I avoid patriotism and nationalism: I want no part of the injustice that “we” commit and I have no power to change what “we” do.

Why do I bring this up? Because of the crimes that are committed in the name of American peace and justice. Specifically, see The Blindfold’s Eyes by Dianna Ortiz, a nun who was tortured for 24 hours in Guatemala. According to this Salon review, she was released because she was American and the American sponsors of the Guatemalean torturers had to have her released. (Warning: Graphic language and descriptions in the review.) The men, women and children that were being tortured at the same facility were not released.

American tax dollers funded the training of the torturers.

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