Napsterize your addressbook

So the latest bit from Shawn Fanning (Napster boy) is Plaxo an Outlook-integrated app that keeps all your contact information up to date. Of course, it does it by putting all the contact information on a central server. Which can then be sold to third parties, though they promise not to do that. Right. Doc Searls doesn’t like it, either.

I should point out that the reason I don’t like this is because Mr. Fanning has shown us that he doesn’t regard data as something that can be “owned” or controlled. While this was fine as long as the only target was the RIAA, once he has his hands on your data, will he recognise your rights to control your own contact information?

In short, I don’t trust Shawn Fanning or Plaxo to avoid using my data in a way I wouldn’t want them to.

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