Microsoft’s Nightmare

If you’re a Linux geek, you’ve probably heard about esr‘s commentary on the Holloween VII document. Periodically, someone will leak a “confidential” internal Microsoft document to a Linux zealot and a new “Holloween” document will result. (“Holloween” because this orignially happened on a Holloween.)

This latest document is a summary of the results of a survey of Microsoft’s customers that is intended to help Microsoft hone its “message” about Linux and Open Source Software (OSS). What I found most interesting was that the survey confirmed what I said before about Microsoft and Anti-Americanism.

The most effective OSS positives focus on TCO and the ability to compete with the United States. The top rated messages for OSS among all audiences were that OSS was “Cheaper & allowed free copies” (84%), followed by “Avoiding payment of royalties to US companies” (81%), and “the opportunity to build local the local tech industry to compete with the US” (76%).

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