I need to get some sleep, but first….

Hi. My name is Mark Hershberger and I’m a procrastinator. Right now, I should be going to sleep, but instead I just read this awesome article on Structured Procrastination.

Perhaps if everyone procrastinated, more would get done. Does this mean that the worst procrastinators have the potential to be the most productive people?

If you have things that you think are important, but procrastinate by doing other, more minor items, people will see the amazing volume you produce and think you are productive. The secret is to simply have really, really important things to do.

Update: I meant to add this last night, but I actuallyw went to sleep. Joel S. has a summary of a book about management that says something related to timing and procrastination. When scheduling projects:

Most people’s intuition is to come up with conservative, padded estimates for each task, but they still find that their schedules always slip. Goldratt shows that the slip is precisely because we pad the estimates for each step […]

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