How to lie with impunity

There are two ways to lie with minimal or no consequences. First, back your lie up with money. For example, Microsoft recently won the Antitrust case gainst them after they had been convicted. When deciding remedies, the judge did the least amount possible. She wrote that “the evidence does not indicate that the removal of software code is beneficial from an economic perspective.”

Microsoft appologists seem to have played a big role in her decision. Their argument has been that Microsoft is right because the money has followed Microsoft — a blatent lie perpetrated by Microsoft.

The second way to lie: get your organisation to lie for you. That is, back up your lie with a lot of people. Get them to believe your lie and then use those people to present a united front of falsehood. The greater the number of people who parrot your lie, the “truer” it becomes.

(That link to Cato, above shows the appologists’ misplaced faith in the market in an amusing light. It states “Surprise! Investors know better. Back in August, shares of RedHat Inc., which provides Linux support, were initially offered at $14. Four months later, they are trading at $275.” Two years later, Shares of RedHat (RHAT) are now under $5. Shares of Microsoft (MSFT) are above $56. During that two year period, RHAT lost over 70% of its value while MSFT only lost 20%. So much for the “Investors know better” argument.)

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