Healthful sports

From the introduction to Healthful Sports for Boys:

If you are “a grown-up,” read this book, and in doing so live over again the joyous, gladsome days of your boyhood, and you will sigh, as we do while writing this: “Would I were a boy again!”

We want the mother, as well as the father, to read this book, for it will recall the brothers of far-off days, and bring her into closer sympathy — we must not say “love,” for that is already strong enough —with the exuberance of her boys.

And the girls? Why, bless you! They, too, should read every scrap of this book, for they will find in it many of their own games, and not one that they could not play and enjoy, if circumstances permitted.

And the grand-parents? God bless them! Why, they’ll enjoy it quite as much as the young folks.

— Alfred Rochefort

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