Al Queda Orders?

Or a really freaky hoax? Two similar messages showed up in comp.lang.perl.moderated. Samples. Excerpt:

  Subject: Ibraheem Allahdad el-Hassan:  Al Queda will           destroy the infidels (next attack on           Buy Nothing Day)    Ibraheem Allahdad el-Hassan, allah be praised, here are your orders:    -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----  Version: 2.6.2i    5/acxlkokgVEt9kngoiaGUC2JBjGSEMrtEVvTteEboewu49WadP2Ay48nOwyFUoI  ....  

So, will anything happen on November 29th? Of course, we’ll know shortly, but this is really weird.

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