The Sniper

Normally, we say hunker down during difficult economic times, because they’re usually short term. Even take advantage of them, if you can. But this is different. We share the fear and anger on a daily basis, every time we see a white van or pump gas in the Fool’s neighborhood, Alexandria, Va. Be safe.From an old Motley Fool column that is no longer online

This is kind of related to my experience with armed robbery earlier this week and a column that Cal Thomas wrote on “safe neighborhoods“.

There isn’t such a thing. We’ve got to give up this notion that just because you live in one place or the other, you are safe — that no harm is gonna come your way. You’ve got no control what other people do. How do you know that, as you are filling up the gas tank this week, some copy-cat killer isn’t pointing a high-powered rifle at your head? You don’t. Most people realized September 11th that their sense of security was simply an illusion. It is. You are’t safe from danger and you never will be.

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