Hershberger Trivia

The private family mailing list that I run has been indexed by Google. Oops! So, I fixed the problem and then did a search on Google to see what I could find. Lot’s of Hershbergers!

Most interesting is this account of a barn burning during the Civil War:

This incident stemmed from an episode at the Henry Pendleton Hershberger home “late on a Sunday afternoon,” in October 1864.

Federal troops had been making the rounds in burning barns and mills and were closing in on the Hershberger family. The barn at the Kendrick farm and Willow Grove Mill were already on fire. Elizabeth Hershberger and six of her children watched terrified from the porch of the home anticipating the same for their barn. The husband had taken flight to the Blue Ridge to prevent the capture of a seventeen year-old son.

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