Disaster Planning

David McCusker is in the midst of disaster recovery after being laid off last week. I’ve really enjoyed his site (well, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed his detailed specs) since he seems to have encountered situations in life. Although I’m not a professional programmer, the things we like to think and talk about are just so similar that I can’t help but identify with him. Everything from tree disasters to loss to power to work and money to balancing family life with coding fun.

Because I identify with him so strongly (even on the point of being laid off [though that was in the heady pre-bust days]), I am completely sympathetic with his search for a new source of income. Although I know it would be a disaster financially, I’ve often joked with Alexis “I hope I get fired so I can have more time to work on X.” The reality is that I would have to find some source of income to pay for the house and food and what-not, but in my imagination, I’m a super-consultant who works 20 hours a week and earns twice the money I get right now.

Ok, right…

But I know that David’s reality of not having savings and being out of work isn’t as wonderful as my fantasy, so I wish him luck.

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