A trip through blogdom

Jonathon Delacour asked asked people to name the one adjective in the Lord’s Prayer. That led me to AKMA’s new weblog where he pontificated on “Hollowed”. Now, maybe I’m missing the mark entirely, but I thought “Holy” was just fine as a replacement, but he doesn’t even suggest that. Anyway, AKMA pointed to Dave Roger’s “It Matters What You Believe” of which I must quote a piece:

It does matter what you believe. Social organisms don’t have principles. Countries, corporations, even churches, don’t have principles. People can, and usually believe they do; but often they don’t understand what that means, so effectively, they don’t. We’re all too willing to modify or ignore our principles for the sake of attention, under social pressure (which is a negative, coercive form of attention), or in the face of fear.

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