Weblogging updates

Ok… So I have blogger.el doing completion of available blog names. But that is just pudding. The real stuff that I did is in xml-rpc.el.

The docs for xml-rpc-response-errorp were wrong. There result value as not always a list that looked like (error payload). Instead it was either ((nil . “No methodResponse”) nil) or (payload) (where payload is the parsed xml-rpc response). Notably, fault detection didn’t work.

So I fixed it so that it will signal an error on faults or invalid responses. Otherwise, it will return the payload as per normal.

Since flexing my xml-rpc muscles in Emacs is so fun and easy, I’m probably going to have a go at this Wiki XML-RPC api.

Also, I want to implement the Moveable Type and metaWeblog API in blogger eventually.

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