Do they even try?

I’m beginning to wonder if programmers aren’t a bunch of idiots. I understand the basic concepts behind XML, Unicode, RSS, XML Namespaces, etc. It looks like it has taken Dave Winer — a person far more productive as a programmer than myself — a lot longer to grasp the namespaces aspect of XML as he is just now hinting in his “everything but the kitchen sink” spec for version 0.94 of RSS that he’ll be using them in later versions.

Another programmer, Don Park, considers the RSS 1.0 spec (which is, odd enough, older than the RSS 0.94 spec) to “fail the simplicity test”. But, look at this comparison of RSS versions that Sam Ruby has put together. When you compare 1.0 with 0.94, what would make you think that 0.94 is simpler? I don’t get it. For the first implementation, I would prefer 1.0 to any other version shown, save, perhaps, 0.9.

Related, Dave Winer says that Don Park’s comments about weblog software only taking a weekend to write are wrong. Hmm… I dunno. I’ve built this weblog software in a few week-nights. I think if I had the chance to just sit and code one weekend I could have done it.

Granted, the specification and design is taken care of and I just stole the database back-end from Flutterby‘s code. But it is pretty drop-dead simple.

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