I’ve been struggling to find a good email client for Alexis on our Linux box. Evolution is ok, but it wants to be Outlook so bad. Mozilla‘s email client really needs work. Trying to set it up as an IMAP client really didn’t work to well and when it began hanging and refusing to save mail, I threw in the towel. So, I’m teaching her to use a sensible MUA — emacs.

Since I have been using the thing for about 10 years and have grown to like it so much, it’ll be easier for me to teach her to use it. And, frankly, she was spoiled by pine. As I showed her some of the basic keystrokes on emacs, and helped her keep her hands on the homerow (like a good typist), she exclaimed “I like this!” and said I had messed her up when I switched her (briefly) to Mozilla Mail.

Last Thursday, I had lunch with a guy who runs a small computer business downtown — he sets up networks for small offices and helps people meet their basic computing needs. He said I was out of it, that people really just couldn’t handle Linux on the desktop. I countered that it was simply a matter of training and offered Alexis as an example. Here is a fundamentally computer-illiterate person using Linux/UNIX to do the same basic tasks that other people do each day. As I said then, it is just a matter of training.