Jeff wrote this about my experience with theft

That really blows…despite my rantings about living in a white-washed suburban neighborhood, I do really like the fact that I don’t worry about thieves. We leave our garage door open fairly frequently, and when I ride my bike to the grocery store, I feel like I could leave it unlocked and it would still be there when I return. I still lock my bike up, mind you, but the piece of mind offers a freedom that I’ve never felt before.

At least you haven’t had any trouble with people breaking into your house, which would be even more unnerving IMHO.

For sure. We leave the car unlocked most of them time (anybody want a 12-year-old Dodge Minivan?) and the backdoors to the house. I think we could leave the front unlocked, too.

A Metaire-living (Metaire is generally considered to be safer, though, apparently, it is just one of the destinations of those who participated in white-flight) ex-co-worker was surprised that I hadn’t had anyone break in. I think she was overly paranoid. She blew off the fact that things had been stolen from my backyard as not that unusual.

Also, while living in semi-rural Arkansas, there were people in my area whose house was broken into.

And, the trashcan bandit ended up being some guy going around taking people’s hoses and stuff — or so the police told us. A kleptomaniac because how many do you really need?

Another datapoint. I read recently that people who live in gated communities have more theft than in non-gated communities because the security job doesn’t pay that much for guarding million-dollar houses, so the guards help themselves since they know when people are out and even, sometimes, have access.

Theft is everywhere. I’m sure we got hit by the people who were working on the house. I didn’t think of it at the time, but, looking back on it and with the gated-community info, I’m sure that is it. And, rich neighborhoods aren’t exempt. If someone can see your unlocked bike from the street, it is likely to disappear off with it — even if it is just the neighbor kid.

I know how to avoid theft, and we even had a chance to avoid some that we were hit with (we were hit more than once for the ladder, etc.), so a big part of avoiding it is: don’t leave your stuff in a readily accessible place and lock it up if it has easily accessible value (i.e. someone can pawn it).

You don’t worry about theives, but, then, neither do I. I don’t look like I have a lot of stuff (that minivan helps) and if you can’t see it, you aren’t gonna want to take it.

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